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Old-School show at Tracks next Friday!

The Spiritual Bat, Sullen Serenade, and Beryl Beloved w/ DJ Katastrophy
Friday, July 23rd, 2010
TRACKS (in Heaven Lounge)

Doors at 8:00, Showtime 9:00
21 & up with valid ID
Tickets are $10 at the door

This show was almost finished with once the original venue (The Roxy) fell through. So now that it's still here, how can you miss it?!

The Bats are the same critically-acclaimed deathrock band who opened for Rozz Williams' Daucus Karota more than a decade ago, and Sullen Serende from TX are seeped in tribal, ambient sounds w/ DCD-type influences. Beryl Beloved is Denver-based, churning out post-punk and old-school in the same tradition of Bauhaus, The Sisters, Siouxsie, the March Violets, et al. We'll have a huge amount of merch available for the night.

Hope you can make it! This is going to be an intense night of local, national, and international music, with DJ Katastrophy spinning before the bands take the stage.

The Spiritual Bat = Deathrock, Old-School Goth
Sullen Serenade = Tribal Ambient gothic (with Dead Can Dance influences) + belly dancer Saz'hrah
Beryl Beloved = Post-Punk, Old-School Goth

The 2010 Lowlands Tour will consist of of two bands, Sullen Serenade(U.S.) and The Spiritual Bat(Italy). The tour will have East to West coast dates. This is the first major U.S. tour for Sullen Serenade and the second U.S. tour for The Spiritual Bat. Both bands have joined to focus on playing the entire U.S. tour together, in having the idea to support each other on the road. They have taken each others contacts and made one big list of venues and clubs to perform at. Lowlands will start off the end of June and end sometime the 3rd week of August.

Local band Beryl Beloved will be the opening act on the Denver stop of the tour. DJ Katastrophy will also be spinning old-school deathrock music, once the doors open at 8:00.

Sullen Serenade is a single act initiated by Robert Flores in the autumn of 2006. It was inspired by his unique musical ideas and several group projects resulting in a new work of art. The sound consists of vicious and loud percussion combined with wistful melodies giving it a “soundtrack” overtone. The influence for this derives from an eclectic musical selection, many life experiences, cultures and of course, the love of listening to music. Over the years, Robert has dabbled in various drumming and percussion rhythm. He has been a musician for different bands since the early 1990's.

Sullen Serenade will be joined by a great dark goth performer, "Saz'hrah", Saz'hrah has engaged in the dark world of performance for many years. She is an instructor and has collaborated with many other artists.

The Spiritual Bat is a duo consisting of Dario Passamonti (Music) and Rosetta Garrì (Lyrics), a new project, but it is an evolution from "The Spiritual Bats" project which was conceived in 1992 by Dario Passamonti (Alchemisti Painters) and Matteo Bracaglia. At that time, being a painter, Dario composed the music out of the need of transmuting Image into Sound. Matteo was the singer and author of the lyrics until 2004. The vinyl EP Spiritual Bats was recorded in 1993. The project was destined to have a new line up for each recording, but always featured artwork by the Alchemisti Painters (Biennial of Venice, 1986 Art and Alchemy section), as well as their installations and projections during live performances. The performances were multi-medial excursions, or live rituals, rare apparitions, balancing between Image and Sound. In November 1994, after the shows at the Crypta (Rome) and the Condor (Modena) the Spiritual Bats had the pleasure and the honour of opening for Rozz Williams (Christian Death) and his Daucus Karota, at the Black Out (Rome). ...

“...It’s like watching layers applied, a painting taking on a life of its own... Utterly delightful.”

“A classy Goth Rock Sound with a truly powerful female rock voice... Recommended!”

Some COMPILATIONS on which The Spiritual Bat's songs appeared:
Lunar Sea – Shinto Records - USA
E Ditoria – Shinto Records - USA
Zoundbies – Zorch Factory Records (by DJ Alien) - France
La Tierra De Los Suenos – Gente Gotica - Spain
Dark Spy Magazine - Ausgabe 27 (1-2009) - Germany
Smoke and Spotlights - Volume 4 - Germany
The Fog Presents Silence – CRAWLING TUNES Magazine N.1–Germany
Crawling Tunes Volume 3 – CRAWLING TUNES Magazine N.5 - Germany

As “Spiritual BatS” (1992-2004)

The Unquiet Grave – CLEOPATRA – USA
More Black Than Black – DELINQUENT RECORDS – USA
Les Litanies Infernales – Wardance Magazine – France
L’Aube D’un Essence Nouvelles – La Plume De Morfessa Magazine – France
In The Rain – In The Rain Magazine - Portugal

BERYL BELOVED ("Beryl" pronounced to rhyme with Cheryl) is a two-man/one-machine alternative outfit based in Colorado, which retains even today the melodic, full-bodied spirit of post-punk, deathrock, and eighties-era gothic rock. Their impressionistic, lyric-focused songs draw from predecessors like Bauhaus and the Southern Death Cult, merging intricate but uncomplicated progressions together with their own brand of storytelling.

There are the songs, of course, which have always spoken for themselves. Since the summer of 2009, Beryl Beloved have nourished a sound that is markedly different - free from formula, and yet full of pop sensibilities. Every release is a display of the theatrical bent, elegance, raw energy, tongue-in-cheek, and spontaneity that remains a signature mark of Beloved's work.

"Procession" has been played by U.K. DJ Martin OldGoth on his weekly radio show 'thirteen13' on Radio Nightbreed, and the innovative singles "Bought & Sold" and "Down Low" received FM radio play on the Kansas City new wave show Retro Red-Eye Express.

Their 2010 Sackcloth & Ashes EP is a 4-track album offered in 320k mp3, FLAC, and a number of other high-quality formats. An immediate download is available for purchase here:
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