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Classic releases from The Peoples Republic of Europe now available!

Four classic releases from THE PEOPLES REPUBLIC OF EUROPE are now available! Click on each title for track list and mp3 samples.

UNDER STRESS: Heralded by the Dutch music press as the "best Dutch industrial album ever made", tPROE embarks on a bleak and nihilistic path. Exposing humanity for the epic fail it is, tPROE consolidates the forces unleashed on Monopoly of Violence, and adds more funk and techno to the mix. A well known dutch Hardcore producer heard on of the tracks, and thought it to be way too dark for even his taste.

MONOPOLY OF VIOLENCE: The second CD on tPROE's own label "New darkness Recordings" hit the scene hard. Songs like "Antiglobalist I", "Kraft durch krieg" and "Monopoly of violence" conquered industrial dancefloors worldwide. From London's Slimelight, to Tokyo Decadance to Los Angeles Das Bunker, everybody was stomping to the raw industrial power of tPROE. Monopoly of violence is still among the pearls of the industrial underground.

LUBRICATION: An extremely abrasive cocktail of rhythmic industrial, techno and funk, with lots of hidden pornsamples and depraved themes. Being nihilistic doesn't mean you can't have fun, and tPROE surely pokes some fun here among the sonic violence.

MIXTAPE USA: Collection of remixes, covers, and unreleased tracks, available during the 2009 USA tour.

ALL sales from these releases will go to bringing tPROE back to the USA!!!
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