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Free DJ Coppertop Mix CD 'This is My Vendetta' w/ every order of 3 CDs or more!

Now when you order 3 CDs or more from Vendetta Music, you will receive a copy of the DJ Coppertop mix CD 'This is My Vendetta' for FREE!

Be sure to check out the new releases from Dust Is Noise (Alter der Ruine side-project), K.I.F.O.T.H., and Dead Turns Alive!


Track list:


01. Punto Omega: Camino a la Unidad

The Warming Period

02. Brain Leisure: Behind the Mask (BAK XIII remix)
03. Ginger Snap5: Feel My Rhythm
04. Necrotek: Beat Yourself Dead
05. Engelmacher: Carrion

The War

06. SAM: World of Shit (Soman remix)
07. K.I.F.O.T.H.: Proper Behaviour (Severe Illusion remix)
08. Xotox: Lass Mich (Noisuf-X remix)
09. Static Sky: Gonna Need Drugs
10. W.A.S.T.E.: The Death March (Receiver Remix)

A Rhythmic Montage

11. De_Tot_Cor: Strawberry Panic
12. Noizekatt: Heavy Industries, inc.
13. To Mega Therion: Purification Ritual (Zombie A-go-go mix by Embodi)
14. Xotox: Eisenkiller

The Victory

15. SAM: Training (Reaper mix)
16. Nachtmahr: Schwarzflug (Noisuf-X remix)
17. Hidden track
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