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Dust Is Noise (Alter der Ruine), K.I.F.O.T.H. and Dead Turns Alive available now!

All titles available directly from Vendetta Music & digital partners!

Dust Is Noise (Alter der Ruine) - Fractured Forms

It all started out with a few synth-lines and a few stories to tell. It wasn’t supposed to be fancy but hang somewhere on a rawer level. That was the aim of the music when DUST IS NOISE was formed by Jacob, Mike J and Mike T. Collectively the three members work as the electronic outfit ALTER DER RUINE, an act known for dirty, funky electro. In their downtime they found themselves writing melodic synthpop and while they enjoyed it they knew it couldn’t be worked into the ADR live sets without causing heads to implode. With heavy emphasis on a big beat, grooving synths and incensed vocals, DUST IS NOISE jammed along on a mission to complete a full length album."Fractured Forms" is the result.

CD: Get it here!

Digital Version: Get it here!

K.I.F.O.T.H. - Violence Corporation

'Violence Corporation', the new album from K.I.F.O.T.H., presents 10 tracks of complex, multi-layered dark electronics, reminiscent of the best electro-industrial of the 90s, such as Front Line Assembly, Noise Unit, X-Marks the Pedwalk, and T.H.D.

CD: Get it here!

Dead Turns Alive - Maelstrom

Dead turns alive is back! After years of silence the long awaited album 'Maelstrom' is finally available. Dead Turns Alive is a one-man project reminiscent of early Project Pitchfork and Die Form, with elements of industrial, synthpop, and 80s electro. With lyrics that focus on personal, social and spiritual themes, and vocals both harsh as well as soulful, Dead Turns Alive presents something different from the typical dark elektro or EBM, while providing many exciting dancefloor-friendly tracks. Contains excellent remixes by BAK XIII, Brain Leisure, November Process and Revolution State.

Digital Version: Get it here!
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